SC200/200KZ Medium Speed Frequency ConversionConstruction Lifter

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SC200/200KZ Medium Speed Frequency Conversion
  • Product Features
  • Performance Parameters
• Energy-saving, highly efficient, convenient dismantle and installation, high transport height and loading capacity.
• high/low speed setting improves work efficiency. It can run at the speed of 63m/min, which is 2 times faster compared with traditional lifter.
• Highly adapted to the power grid, safe and reliable.
• Comfortable and smooth operation, stop and start, low noise and low mechanical wear.
• System failure sound alarm, frequency conversion, remote GPRS monitoring, etc.
Items SC200/200KZ
Rated load(kg) 2000×2
Rated lifting speed(m/min) 0~63
Max. lifting height(m) 450
Electric Motor (kw) 2×3×18.5
Frequency Converter(kw) 2×75
Lift cage size(m) 3.2×1.5×2.53
Standard section size(mm) 650×650×1508
Rated load of derrick(kg) 250